Marleen Boschen

Sonics of Rupture

Sonics of Rupture is a collaborative project with Sterling Mackinnon about giving sound, and voice, to human-induced seismic activity and its environmental resonances. It traces the tremors caused by hydraulic fracking in Lancashire in 2019. Sonics of Rupture is a speculative sound piece exploring themes of geological time, trauma, and the effects of seismic disturbance and activism.

The seismic activity around Preston New Road in Lancashire was a result of a hydraulic fracking operation, well construction, and drilling by the mining and shale gas exploration company Cuadrilla. After increasingly strong earthquakes occurred in the summer of 2019— and in response to persistent protests throughout the fracking activity—the site was shut down in late 2019.  
What are the sonic and ecological afterlives of these disturbances?


CODING: Isaac Clarke

INTERVIEWS: Barbara Richardson and Nick Danby

Generously supported by the CHASE Climate Justice Network.