Marleen Boschen

The Great Conversation (still as someone passes by)

A collaborative sound piece with Charles Pryor, Sara Rodrigues and Lou-Atessa Marcelli, 2020.

This piece follows the soil as a narrator and witness to the unfolding histories of human cultivation practices and environmental acts of violence. It seeks to make audible soil as a living global infrastructure, a container for past and present cultivation knowledge. The project explores how these stories can be told through something we often unknowingly depend on for the survival of more-than-human ecologies.

This project was born out of a larger research-led film project titled 'A Womb of Things to be and a Tomb of Things that were'  by artists Charles Pryor and Marleen Boschen which combines elements of historical and scientific research with speculative fiction about seeds and conservation during times of ecological breakdown.

Vinyl version available via email.

Images:  Hannah Thual, 2023

After Progress Exhibition 2022

September 2021
Performed by the New Makers Ensemble for 'I trangress borders and boundaries' at Oficinas do Convento, Zaratan, Casa das Artes / (Portugal) and Splendor Amsterdam.

3 October 2020

Commissioned as a podcast for Diaspore. Performed for Diaspore programme 'Scenes of the World' at Coco Velten, for Les Parallèles Du Sud, Manifesta 13, Marseille, France

Text and imagery
Marleen Boschen and Charles Pryor

Sound composition
Sara Rodrigues

Produced with
Lou-Atessa Marcellin